This trick shows you how you can change the Default Profile picture for a User Account, and make Windows 10 display an image of your choice.

Change default User Account picture in Windows 10

Change default User Account picture in Windows 10

In Windows 10, if you create a new user account, a default account picture gets assigned automatically. If you want to change this default profile picture when you create a new account in Windows 10, here is a simple method. Obviously, you can change the profile picture later based on your preference – but this trick will change the image that comes before changing the profile picture manually.

To do this, you need an Image Editor. As Windows uses various image size at different locations, you need to resize the image based on system requirements. In total, you need eight (8) different images in two different formats, i.e., PNG and BMP.

So, select an image that you want to set as the system’s default User Account picture. Then, resize and rename it as follows:

  1. guest.bmp – 448 x 448 pixel
  2. guest.png – 448 x 448 pixel
  3. user.bmp – 448 x 448 pixel
  4. user.png – 448 x 448 pixel
  5. user-32.png – 32 x 32 pixel
  6. user-40.png – 40 x 40 pixel
  7. user-48.png – 48 x 48 pixel
  8. user-192.png – 192 x 192 pixel

Next, make Windows Show hidden files & folders and then navigate to this folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Default Account Pictures

Alternatively, you can enter this in Run prompt:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\User Account Pictures

One the folder has opened, copy all your resized & renamed images and paste them into this folder. Before you do that, you may want to back up the original default system images.

That’s all!

Now your default profile picture has been changed. If you create a new account or you have an account having the system’s default profile picture, you will see the new image.

Hope you like this small tip!