4D printing is the three dimension printing of any material of any prototype with time as its fourth dimension. The created component structure grows or modifies as the time passes.

4D printing is the threedimension printing of any material of any prototype with time as its fourthdimension. The created component structure grows or modifies as the timepasses. The 4D Printing Market deals with demand and supply, production andscope of this technology in various fields during 2016-2021.

The major application of the 4D PrintingMarket is in medical field and automotive industry. 4D printing can be usedfor making implant components and reconstruction structures that will develop asthe time passes. Self-repairing cars and nano carbon tube materials can befabricated for industrial use in upcoming years.

North America is the biggestinvestor in the 4D Printing Market with high investment for R&D and growthof this technology. Many companies and research institutes in the global 4Dmarket are based in North America and Europe.

The Asia Pacific is the largestregion for the applications and sales of the 4D Printing Market. China andJapan are the potential countries for innovation in the 4D technology in theAPAC region.

Segmentation of 4D Printing Market:

The 4D Printing Market issegmented into various categories according to the IndustryARC market studiesreport by materials, by applications, by end user industry and geography.

By materials: smart metal alloy (Ni-Ti, Ag-Cd, Au-Cd, Cu-Al-Ni,Cu-Al-Zn,  Cu-Sn, Cu-Zn, Cu-Zn-Al,  In-Ti, Ni-Al, Fe-Pd, Fe-Pt),self-healing polymers (Thermoplastic, thermoset, thermoset composites),dielectric elastomers, programmable materials (Hybrid plastics, Wood Grains,Textiles, Carbon Fibers) and others

By applications: space structures, morphing aircraft, artificialmuscles, pipe manufacturing, insulation wall manufacturing, humanoid robot,transformative shoes, adaptive tire compound, nano scale objects, conceptmodeling, future prototyping and additive manufacturing

By end user industry: aerospace industry (airbus, UAV), militaryand defense, automotive, biomedical (dental, medical), consumer products,construction, manufacturing and infrastructure and others (entertainment,packaging, clothing and utilities)

By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacificand ROW

Some of the key companies in the4D Printing Market that are mentioned in the IndustryARC market research reportare as follows:

·        3D Systems Corp.

·        Stratasys Ltd.

·        Autodesk Inc.

·        Exone Co.

·        Hewlett Packard Co. 

The 4D Printing Market is arapidly growing market with wide scope of applications in various end user industriesacross the globe. This market is expected to witness high demand due to itsapplications in medical sector and automotive industry during 2016-2021.