The music world has changed. New technology has made it easy and affordable for artists to create and share their work.

The final step in making music a fully DIY enterprise - mastering - has remained a complicated and elusive step. Until now.

Better Sound. Instantly.

LANDR revolutionizes the mastering process with drag-and-drop simplicity, achieving results that rival professional studio work in minutes. This opens up a world of possibilities for producers: LANDR your demos before sharing them, drop in full length DJ mixes or live recordings, make a track on the road and have it mastered in time for your gig the same night. LANDR lets you integrate mastering seamlessly into your creative process. 

A.I. From the Heart

LANDR incubated and refined algorithms developed over eight years of university research, testing and tweaking based on feedback from trained audio experts. Our team is composed of music industry veterans - award-winning mixing engineers, top-level DSP programmers, musicians, producers and label owners - who know exactly what the mastering process needs to deliver.

LANDR is smart and getting smarter. Its true beauty lies in its ability to learn. Our system is built around an adaptive engine that ‘listens’ and reacts to music, using micro-genre detection to make subtle frame-by-frame adjustments selectively using tools like multi-band compression, EQ, stereo enhancement, limiting and aural excitation based on the unique properties of the song. Basically, the more we throw at LANDR, the better it gets.

The Simple Truth

Rather than present an overwhelming array of options, LANDR presents one. Great design is all about limiting the field. We've added just a couple of carefully selected options to guide LANDR to produce the perfect master for you. If you feel comfortable in front of 40 different knobs, then try out one of the many quality mastering plugins out there and compare the results to what LANDR can do. We’re confident you’ll hear the difference.

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