Produce your own food at home on your garden, rooftop or balcony. Eat ultra-fresh vegetables without any pesticides all over the year.

We provide humanity the tools to grow sustainable, healthy and ultra-fresh food

We want to unify the efforts of the actors of change to create a resilient and sustainable future without unnecessary CO2 emissions or pesticides harmful to biodiversity

We share knowledge in order to accomplish a ecological and social transition together

We grow day after day thanks to our contributors across the World

Become a Pioneer Citizen

If winter nature knows how to offer us beautiful landscapes, the days are getting shorter and make us think that the time of gardening and sunshine full of vitamin D is long gone. Beware, your mind and your mood need help! With a winter garden, you no longer need to put on thick, cozy socks […]

Combine ancestral techniques inspired by permaculture.
Create an innovative symbiosis that connects the plant and aquatic world.

Our ambition?

An urban vegetable garden with a minimum of constraints.
An smart aquaponic greenhouse managed remotely.
An active and responsive community that supports you throughout the experience.
Agronomists specializing in urban agriculture at your service.

We have studied everything to ensure your success.