Hive OS is an ultimate management platform that allows your and your team to setup, monitor and administer your mining farm. All your AMD and Nvidia GPU rigs and Bitmain ASICs (S9, A3, D3, L3+) in one place.

You can simply install Hive OS on the most miners in less than a minute. Just install the software on your farm infrastructure and it will automatically detect your mining rigs and add them to your management platform 

All your rigs on a single dashboard. Monitor your hashrates, online statuses, GPU errors, pool configuration, power consumption and much more. Access it in a matter of seconds, no matter where your mining rigs are located over the globe

Manage and configure each individual rig up to your arrangement profile. Overclock AMD and Nvidia GPUs from the web, troubleshoot and reboot GPU errors. Perform bulk updates, pool changes or setup automatic tasks

Keep entire team on the same page. Smart Notifications allow to distribute specific problems to specific team members. Your maintenance will be informed at a hashrate drop of only a few percent, enabling them to keep the hashes at a high level

Our customers tell about us! Read what they have to say below.

We are mining for some time now with a group. We have total of 6 rigs running with currently 70+ GPUs. We have used windows and Simple Mining OS for some time and SMos even for a longer time (est. 6 months). Since end of January we now use HiveOS on almost all our rigs. It runs very stable, has lots of unique features like Telegram Notifications, good and powerful OC options, lots of good graphics too see the rig health and farm health. Overall for us it’s a big improvement so we moved most of our farm already to HiveOS and the rest will be moved soon. With this very active dev team we also see much new features getting released constantly.